The Top 10 Worst Films of 2018


10. A Wrinkle in Time:

The problem that this movie had to me was the fact that it didn’t know what it wanted to be. There were times where it was a movie for kids, and then other times it felt like it was the brainchild of someone who took too much drugs. The main character in this movie is looking for her dad, who disappeared, and she’s unlikable in the film instead of being sympathetic like she should be. I didn’t have a huge problem with the movie, but what put it on this list was the video package in the beginning of the the movie with the director pretty much telling me to lower my standards- and I did not appreciate that.

9. Truth or Dare:

If you think about this movie as a comedy instead of a horror movie, and you hang out with friends while eating pizza and drinking- then this should be a fun time! The stupid Snapchat face isn’t terrifying at all, the rules of the game change constantly, there’s unnecessary info that’s put in as a ‘twist’ and the ending was dumb because the main character completely changes her morale when the issue could’ve been solved in a better way.

8. Venom:

A Sony classic right here- take a promising concept and straight up ruin it. “Venom” only has one thing going, and that’s Tom Hardy. The problem with this movie is that it’s tone is all over the place- it’s a horror movie, a comedy, a romance, and an action film- and the film is a mess. But the biggest problem to me was the dumb wig Woody Harrelson had to wear as Cletus Kasady in the Post-Credit scene.

7. The Strangers 2: Prey at Night:

This movie bummed me out because the first movie was so good. To me, I was disappointed because it took them ten years to make the sequel, and this was the best they could do? It felt lazy to me… and the fact that they tried to end it on a cliffhanger made me laugh.

6. Slender Man:

Another example of classic Sony taking a cool concept and messing it up. “Slender Man” could’ve been a cool psychological horror movie with this creature terrorizing these kids- instead we get a “The Ring” ripoff. The worst part was this movie was so BORING! I couldn’t care less if any of these characters lived, especially the main girl who acted like a jerk to her clearly distressed friend all because she wanted to hang out with some dude. The final nail in the coffin was the dumb ending with Slender Man turning into an awful CGI tree. Now that I think about it, this movie’s problems could’ve been solved if one of the girls had kept her eyes closed during the Slender Man ritual… but nah, she had to be a dumb girl in a horror film.

5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom:

This movie had so much promise… It stated off great, but just stumbled and tripped all over itself. The fact that there’s people who are trying to save dinosaurs is dumb to me, because they’re a race of creatures that had already went extinct millions of years ago… and these are highly dangerous creatures that have wrecked havoc over the whole series. And the worst thing about this movie is the dumb ending it had. I don’t care how sci-fi your movie is- you don’t end it like that!

4. Unfriended: The Dark Web:

This movie is everything that’s wrong with these Found Footage films. It had dumb, unlikable characters. It explored the concept of the dark web, but unless these hackers are from Hogwarts, none of what they did could be possible… I’ve seen Mr. Robot, I have a basic idea of how hacking works. But the worst part of this film is the fact that it was promoted with multiple endings- and the one I got was really really stupid: the main character is in the middle of the street on his bike and get run over by a hacker driving a car. THAT’S THE PAYOFF??!! I took a look at the other endings and I’m mad that I didn’t get the casket ending, because that one I felt tied things together better.

3. The Nun:

This film was everything I feared it was going to be when it was announced that the Marilyn Manson Nun from “The Conjuring 2” was gonna get his own movie. To be fair, it had a cool RPG set-up with a badass priest, a farmer who knew the town, and a lady who wasn’t a nun yet. But as soon as they got in the church abbey, all the problems of this film were unveiled. It had cheap jump-scares, and The Nun, the title character, only had 5 minutes of screen time and relies on “The Conjuring 2” to make the demon, Valek,  frightening instead of the movie trying to make the demon scary.

2. Winchester:

The problem with “Winchester” is unlike “The Nun” it doesn’t have a cool beginning… It has a cool hook, but the film is super boring and lazy. It was so bad that I fell asleep at points watching this movie. The problem is that this film is riddled with lazy jump-scares, and it tries to throw a “Sixth Sense” twist that failed miserably.

1. Life of the Party:

This movie makes me have the shakes whenever I see Melissa McCarthy advertised in a movie. This movie felt like a nepotistic, vanity project by Melissa McCarthy and the director… who is also her husband. The film isn’t funny, and the script feels like it was written on loose leaf paper in crayon. McCarthy’s character makes a Harry Potter reference in the beginning, but when a character says she’s like Dumbledore, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about- which to me makes no sense. There’s a scene where McCarthy’s husband in the movie dumps her after they drop off their daughter at college, and when the daughter finds out, all she says is “Wow, dad sucks.” THAT’S IT??!! She should’ve been way madder in my opinion. I felt like this film was personally attacking me with the weird Goth chick that’s McCarthy’s college roommate. And the worst part about this film is it doesn’t have a third act until they involve a celebrity.  Melissa starts acting up, so her husband pulls the money that’s paying for her to go to college, so her daughter and her friends decide to throw a party and say that Christina Aguilera is gonna show up… but McCarthy’s weird Goth roommate says she knows Christina isn’t coming because she’s her cousin and Christina appears at the party. The only thing I liked about this movie was that my favorite extra, Demetri Landell pops up in the movie. I hated this movie so much.

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