“A Quiet Place” REVIEW|The best horror movie of 2018?

Plot: A family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you.

Review: In my opinion, this movie is a mix of “I Am Legend” and “Don’t Breathe” the reason I make those comparisons is because in “Don’t Breathe” the characters are being hunted down by a blind man who has a heightened sense of hearing which makes him extremely dangerous, and “I Am Legend” because in that movie it follows the day to day living of Will Smith who has adapted to living with these creatures by himself and his dog.

This movie sent the message VERY early that if you make ANY noise, that will result in your death by these creatures. I found the day to day living with this family to be interesting in how they figured out how to live without making any noise because the film has taken place many many days after whatever event transpired to cause this. All the actors/ actresses did an AMAZING job at portraying different emotions without sound, either by body language and/or facial mannerisms. Another thing I liked in this movie is they slowly throughout the movie reveal the creatures in small glimpses until you finally see it more clearly towards the end, and this movie is absolutely tension-filled.

After that mess with “Winchester” and “The Strangers 2” my faith in there being good modern day horror movies have finally been restored, and as of this moment until there’s a better movie that comes out- I’d say this is the best horror movie of 2018!

Grade: Shh, I’m giving “A Quiet Place” a solid 9/10 or an A!

I’d definitely recommend seeing this!